Company History

With our experience, we bring over 45 years of technical solutions to our customers in the field of sheet metal, machined mechanical seals. Our quality and expertise, gives us a crucial role in the design and manufacture of parts by their highly technical specifications and constraints.

Relied on our quality system based on ISO 9001 : 2015, we set up procedures for the research in order to control risks.

We are here to help you to achieve your needs mechanical welds machined steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cupro-nickel …

Our team is at your service to meet your requirements and find solutions to your problems …


Company History

1971 – Alain Coste (metal construction Master Craftsman spins off creates the Company when he was 21 years old. Core business was small parts metal construction and locksmith trade.

1976 – Expansion of the Company in a new building of 250 m² located in MANSAC. Core business change and become sub assembly fabricated parts fully machined for Industry (machining shop) and boilers Industry – locksmith trade continue to be in the core business. Company employs 3 workers.

1978 – Business relationship with diesel engines builders start. Company makes samples and prototypes to replace casting fully machined parts.

1979 – 1st expansion (200 m²) of the main building. Core business is definitely oriented toward Industry Metal Construction fully machined.

1982 – 2nd expansion (150 m²). Workshop and office is in a building of 600 m². Company employs 5 workers.

1988 – Company acquires a building of 1280 m². Workshop and office is in a building of 1880 m². Company employs 7 workers and 1 design engineer.

1992 – Organisation changes to meet customer’s requirement and employs 9 workers – 1 workshop manager and 1 design engineer.

1993 – Corporate name changes and becomes SARL A.COSTE and buys a Company expert for trolley used by backers and confectionery Industry.

1998 – Elder son Stéphane Coste joins the Company and becomes production manager.

1999 – New building (workshop 1800 m² – offices 400 m² is created in PAZAYAC (24).

2001 – Production and offices are transferred in PAZAYAC. Company employs a total of 12 persons.

2006 – Corporate name changes and becomes A.COSTE SAS.

2007 – Mrs BONNEVAL Sandrine (daughter of A. Coste) and Sébastien COSTE (second son of A. Coste) join the Company. Company employs 16 persons.

2011 – Here is now 40 years that saw the company A.COSTE SAS. Her experience and expertise gives, today, an indispensable role in the market of the piece welded precision and high tech.

2013 – The company A. COSTE SAS enters the web by opening its website to better publicize its skills and technical expertise.

2014 – The Company A. COSTE SAS, obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 certification for its management system relating to its industrial boilermaking and machined welding.

2017 – A. COSTE SAS has obtained ISO 9001: 2015 re-certification